Corporate Outline

Corporate Outline

Corporate Name

EA Pharma Co., Ltd.

Date of establishment

April 1, 2016

Head office

1-1, Irifune 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0042, Japan


Yuji Matsue
Representative Director, President & CEO


9,145 million Yen

Number of employees

Approximately 1,250

Scope of business

Pharmaceutical research and development, manufacture, sales, import and export of products


8 sites in the whole country


1 site


1 site

Corporate Executives

Representative Director, President & CEO Yuji Matsue
Director, Executive Vice President Tetsuro Aramaki
Director, Executive Vice President Akira Shinji
Director, Vice President Masahiro Murata
Outside Director
(Representative Corporate Officer,
Eisai Co., Ltd.)
Hideki Hayashi
Standing Corporate Auditor Kenichi Ozaki
Standing Corporate Auditor Yoshiharu Nohara
Outside Auditor
Satoru Nagasaka
Senior Vice President Tsuneo Ishiguro
Senior Vice President Koichi Tachikawa
Senior Vice President Toshio Ohbayashi
Senior Vice President Masahiko Shimizu
Senior Vice President Takashi Nakanishi
Vice President Masanori Mizuno
Vice President Atsushi Saito
Vice President Takahiro Dohi
Vice President Toru Nishiwaki

as of June 18, 2018