Discontinuation of Anticancer Adjuvant LENTINAN for Injection

June 21, 2017
EA Pharma Co., Ltd.

EA Pharma Co., Ltd. (President & CEO, Yuji Matsue; Headquarters, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) (hereinafter“EA Pharma”), Eisai Co., Ltd.’s subsidiary for the gastrointestinal disease area, announced today that it has decided to discontinue anticancer adjuvant LENTINAN for injection, as of March 31, 2018.

LENTINAN for injection has been used to treat gastric cancer for many years since its launch in 1986. However, given the advances in cancer treatment technologies and launches of new anticancer drugs, demand for LENTINAN for injection has declined, and EA Pharma has decided to discontinue the product. Discontinuation will be announced in the Official Gazette in March 2018, after which LENTINAN for injection will be designated as an Interim Measures Item until the end of March 2019.

EA Pharma will continue to provide product information as usual until the end of the Interim Measures Period*. As a Japanese specialty pharma in the gastrointestinal disease area, EA Pharma stays close to patients and strives to make contributions to patients, their families and healthcare providers through development of pharmaceuticals from a patient’s perspective.


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【More information】
■Product Outline of LENTINAN for injection for the Japanese market
Nonproprietary name Lentinan
Brand name LENTINAN for injection
Marketing approval November 1985
Launch April 1986
Indication Combination use with oral tegafur for prolongation of survival time in patients with unresectable or recurrent gastric cancer
Dosage and administration For adults, normally 2 mg of lentinan should be administered by intravenous injection or infusion per week (1 mg twice a week or 2 mg once a week) in combination with oral tegafur 600 mg/day (400mg/m2/day).
National Health Insurance drug price ¥5,170/vial
*Interim Measures Period: When the discontinuation of a pharmaceutical product is determined, the product is not excluded from Japan’s National Health Insurance (NHI) Drug Price List immediately. Rather, the product enters an Interim Measures Period so that healthcare facilities can use up their stocks. Pharmaceutical products in an Interim Measures Period are called “Interim Measures Items”. Interim Measures Items are covered by the NHI until the end of Interim Measures Period, after which the pharmaceutical product is excluded from the NHI Drug Price List and coverage is lost.